Annika RinneAnnika Rinne

Laboratory Technician

I’m a third year Laboratory Engineering student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. I applied to this project, because it sounded awesome and because space is cool.

I spend most of my free time hanging out with my dog, Kovu, or working on stuff for Pixel Sisters, an all woman nerd choir I sing mezzo-soprano in. Other than that, I mostly watch youtube videos and scroll through tumblr.


Jenna RosenbergJenna Rosenberg

PR, media

I’m an almost graduated ICT engineering student at TAMK, specializing in telecommunication and networks. The Epic Challenge program caught my interest because I’m curious about everything between the Earth and the Universe. I will also do my thesis on this subject.
In my free time I’m glued to my smartphone/PC, a 24 level Pokémon trainer, an amateur mountain biker, a cake baker, a bunny whisperer, a wall climber, a pistol shooter, a music addict and a volunteer for several associations.


Jessica MattilaJessica Mattila

Technical Manager

I’m studying electrical engineering in Tampere University of Applied Sciences and my specialization is automation engineering. Before starting the university, I graduated as an automation mechanic and spent one year working as one. I also spent one semester of my university studies is Hannover, Germany as an exchange student (best five months of my life so far!).
I applied to NASA’s Epic Challenge simply because it’s very interesting subject. When I was kid, one of my dreams was to become an astronaut. Anyway, things change and I became an engineer.
On my free time, I’m a passionate traveler and language student. At the moment I’m keeping myself busy with studies and future plans, but every once in awhile I also do some sports and play piano.


johanna_6H2A8251(2) Johanna Sankala

Project Manager / Web master

I’m studying Business Information Systems in TAMK, currently specializing in web services.
I find this challenge to be just the thing for me, space enthusiastic, just lacking the skills to actually become an astronomer, and an innovator who found her passion to innovate during the first year of school while we were making a small game.
Because of the studying I don’t have that much free time on my hands, but when I do, I usually waste it by watching TV-series, playing games and getting upset over (political) news.
Then I calm myself down by watching astonishing pictures of architectural wonders, taking a walk and wonder the life and world itself (maybe take a few pictures of it too) and educating myself with interesting documents of various topics.


polina_6H2A8275Polina Petrova

Specialist of Natural Sciences

I’m second-year Energy and Environmental Engineering student in TAMK.
I am in this project, because I want to challenge myself and test the limits of my innovation skills. I have hardly any experience in the space field, but I believe that my enthusiasm will cover this all.
My hobbies are variable. I love reading about fashion history and getting deeper into engineering, also I enjoy playing piano and working with graphical apps. Recently, cooking also became interesting for me.


roni_6H2A8234Roni Ampuja


I´m a student in TAMK and studying machine technology specializing in Product development. I like to challenge myself and believe this to be ultimate challenge for me and believed I will learn and gain experience from this project. I have been in TAMK formula project for two years and learned lot about innovative design. I counted on CAD in my designs and have utilized fem and 3d-modeling on testing of parts. I have gained a wide overview of production and design process by machining and crafting parts and products myself also have completed a whole investment casting project.
If I ever have free-time I try to go ride Downhill and try to not break my bones. Usually I spend my “free-time” fixing something or trying building something.

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