WE ARE learning from BioPop experts

At 7.30 am we headed off from TAMK to Helsinki! This time our destination was BioPop, the center for bioscience education. Our goal was to learn more about plants, fungi and microbes. Annika provided our trip snack: Skittles and Reindeer droppings.


Justus Mutanen had put this event together and we were able to listen presentations and learn from professionals. We had a fun time with them! Kari Steffen shared about space biology, Alexey Shapiguzov and Omid Safronov gave a presentation about cultivating plants, fungi and yeast. Jenni Hultman educated us about microbes in extreme conditions and showed us around in their laboratory. Sari Timonen told us more about archaea, microbes and extraterrestrial food growing. Very talented and smart people! So glad we were able to learn from them and get new ideas.



Though we spent 5 hours in Biopop the time flew past so quickly. At 3 pm we headed back to Tampere to digest everything we had heard. But on our way back home we realized something… once in Helsinki there’s no turning back – literally! These deep thoughts came to our mind while “sightseeing” Helsinki: Where are we? How did we get here? “How do we find the way home?”. Even GPS got disorientated. Must be the reason why it’s called Kehä I and Kehä III – people have been stuck there for years still circulating around.

Oh well, we made it Tampere safely, thanks to our driver Jessica!